The term “shared hosting” refers to the usage of a single webserver that hosts multiple websites for multiple customers. It is generally used in comparison to “dedicated hosting” or “dedicated server hosting” where you typically have a single webserver dedicated to hosting a single website (or multiple sites for a single customer).

We offer two main web server solutions, Apache for Linux, and IIS for Windows. Both host multiple websites, all sharing a single IP address and other server resources (CPU, memory, etc). Each provides an implementation that isolates each site’s code and user priveledges (cPanel) to ensure approriate security, although each takes a slightly different approach.

So, in short, shared hosting means you have many websites on a single server.

Check our website hosting plans for prices for adding a unique/static IP to your hosting plan as well as SSL certificates.

Consultel offers dedicated server plans. A dedicated server is a server dedicated to a single customer… that customer may chose to host 1 big site on the server (that requires a lot of CPU and memory), or may host multiple websites on it, depending on their needs.