If you’re in business you’re going to want to invest in mobile development.

There are two options available for creating a mobile optimized website: a standalone mobile website or a mobile responsive site.

Stand Alone Mobile Website

A stand alone mobile website is a separate website meant for mobile users only. It is placed on a separate domain or sub-domain therefore people visiting your regular website through a mobile device will be redirected to the standalone mobile website.

Our stand alone mobile platform creates mobile sites by pulling in colors, content, and images from your existing desktop site. From that we customize the header, add click to call buttons, find us buttons, and adjust the format of content and the images. The sync feature will sync with your desktop when changes have been made on your desktop so you will need to re-publish the mobile site.

Initially, a stand alone mobile site is more affordable than a fully responsive website. But, they do require a bit more time to review and republish once they’ve synced. And there is an additional hosting fee.

Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website is one that adjusts its size depending on the type of device. People visiting the site from a desktop or laptop will see the desktop version, whereas those visiting from a mobile device will view a mobile version. A code embedded within the website automatically helps it adjust itself for suitable viewing depending on the dimensions of the device.

A mobile responsive website is easier and cheaper to maintain as it is only one website. Any changes you make will be visible on both the mobile and web version.