Our method of developing an ad campaign begins with a bit of a scientific approach that helps identify strategic communication objectives and message priority.

We approach each advertising project from your targeted audience’s point of view, allowing us to clearly identify the action responses most likely to turn your advertising spend into an advertising investment. One with a very positive return.

We focus on defining your advertising objectives and goals as your campaign strategy partner.

  • What should your ads ultimately accomplish?
  • What should your advertising say about your company?
  • Who should see and respond to your ads?
  • When and where will your advertising reach the largest targeted audience?
  • With whom and what are your ad campaigns competing?

Consultel’s advertising strategy advantages:

Your advertising efforts will “perform as planned” with:

  1. Ads and marketing materials that boost a defined and deliberate response
  2. Advertising that is message-consistent to enhance impact and branding strength
  3. Advertising tone and style that works with your targeted demographic
  4. Ads and marketing materials that reflect an understanding of your customers/patients needs and wants
  5. Advertising that allows you to accurately test various directional and message concepts in order to define solutions that produce the strongest results.

Our team of designers, developers and copywriters will refresh your creative to match your brand strategy and deliver a consistent campaign strategy.