Consultel, Inc. Amazon Business Sales Experts act as a full-service consultant helping sellers and brands thrive on Amazon

We devote ourselves to helping you sell your products on Amazon. You make it. We sell it.

At Consultel, Inc., we have a proven methodology that works. Our team develops the right plan to ensure your brand is maximizing the massive opportunity driven by marketplaces. With our expertise and technology we plan and execute strategies that sell your products.

Not only do we ensure your Amazon presence captures the opportunity on the marketplace producing greater revenue and profits but also reducing or eliminating your business’ workload such as buying supplies, shipping and advertising.

We quickly execute sales campaigns that convert visitors into buyers.

We can develop a strategy and a hands-on implementation plan that will position your brand for long-term sustainability, growth and profitability.

We work on a month-to-month basis with no closed contracts or cancellation fees. We offer lower costs to clients that prefer agreements.

A LEADER in Sales Management Services for Amazon Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the campaign management process?
Our system gathers the right data to drive the right traffic that will grow your sales. Pure data-driven decisions.

What if I am just launching my product or brand?
We are specialists in product launch and brand management on Amazon, using a proven methodology we do it in the most efficient way. Your Brand’s direct-to-consumer sales are closely managed by us.

Is this a self-service platform or a hands-on service?
We don’t “set it and forget it”. We offer a data-driven team of experienced Amazon experts to plan and constantly optimize our clients’ campaigns to ensure we’re delivering results. Its 100% hands-on – “You make it, we sell it!”

Why choose to work with Consultel?
Our team has generated over $2+ Million in Amazon sales for many of clients. We are a full-service online marketing firm with clients in a variety of categories and markets.

Is this the right fit for my company?
From early stage start ups to large brand clients, Consultel, Inc. works with brands and sellers to maximize their profits and navigate the sales opportunities on the Amazon Marketplace.

How is your methodology different?
An optimized campaign means having the right traffic. Not just “any” traffic. Our PPC Optimizer identifies top converting keywords and maximizing Ad Spend on those. Cost-prohibitive keywords and search terms that don’t convert are automatically excluded, decreasing your overall ACoS while improving conversion rates.


We are a team of eCommerce experts specializing in marketplace consulting and management for medium to large brands.

Terry Colbert

At the helm, is our Director Terry Colbert, a seasoned entrepreneur and eCommerce expert. He founded and operates an eCommerce company that sells products worldwide.

Mr. Colbert implements Amazon Professional Selling accounts (selling products to standard consumers) and Amazon Business accounts (selling products to business customers) for multiple companies. Structuring clearly two different product listings, content, and pricing platforms in order to attract standard Amazon consumers and the other to sell to B2B-only customers.

His valuable guidance in determining seller fees and the cost of the goods being sold, plus the time value for sourcing products, creating listings, managing inventory, and shipping orders enables clients to make decisions to balance efficiencies, increase net profits, and find other ways to grow their business.

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